POWER FORCE TECHNOLOGIES PTE LTD was incorporated in Singapore on February 1993.  The company provides support services to the MOD and aviation industries such as airlines, air forces and aircraft maintenance companies.

The types of services are supply, repair, servicing, overhaul and modification of Military Equipment and Airport GSE

  • Supply of new and recondition Airport Ground Support Equipment.
  • Supply of portable and fixed installation Airport Lighting System.
  • Supply of Construction Equipment
  • Supply and distribute Mil-Spec Std parts, Airport GSE spare parts and accessories, (e.g. Engine spares, Generator spares, GPU cables, Jet Start Hose, Air Start Coupling, etc.)
  • Servicing, repair and overhaul for all types of Airport GSE and Aircraft Arresting Equipment.

What we are selling here is operational availability, we can adapt to individual client needs.  Our experience can help you to reduce equipment downtime, streamline maintenance procedures and control life cycle cost.

Our most valuable partners-in-business are our people, a professional team whose dedication and commitment in their work has made it possible to meet and maintain quality standards required by our customers.

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